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Enjoy our auction experience

Our experienced auction staff makes buying and selling effortless. We run a professional operation from preparation and marketing to display and sales.


It couldn’t be any easier to obtain what you want or to get rid of items you don’t need.

Auctions are great for buying and selling household goods

Are you tired of shopping at the same old boring stores for overpriced household goods? Would you like to clear out some of your old possessions to create more living space? Keith Sharer Auction Service hosts numerous events throughout the year that appeal to sellers and buyers.

Some of the numerous items sold

•  Antiques

•  Mattresses

•  Rugs

•  Tables

•  Chairs

•  Televisions

•  Plates

 •  Silverware

 •  Cups

 •  Furniture

 •  Barstools

 •  Art

 •  Picture frames

 •  And much more

Stop by or call today to learn more about the household goods that we auction.


You can turn old household items into cash with our expert auction services.

You’ll be amazed how far you can stretch a dollar at our auctions.

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